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All the music CD's available are a Capella unless noted otherwise.


Silverwinds Hutterite Choir: We stand amazed
The Silverwinds Hutterite Choir is comprised of 24 young adults ranging from 14-32 years of age who live, work and worship at Silverwinds Hutterite Community near Sperling, Manitoba, Canada. We stand amazed is their debut album. It covers a range of styles, including a track with traditional Hutterite harmony. (Sound Sample)

Price: $10.00


Western Manitoba Hutterian Youth Choir: Oh Lord, protect and keep they young flock
This is the first CD recorded by the WMHYC.  In 2000, the WMHYC was a 125 member choir from 7 different colonies in western Manitoba.  These colonies include Decker, Odanah, Oak River, New Dale, Trileaf, Fairway, and Millshof. (Sound Sample)

Price: $10.00


Western Manitoba Hutterian Youth Choir: Oh Lord, we praise you
The WMHYC is a large 150 member choir from 8 different colonies in western Manitoba. The choir grew by one colony since it's inauguration in 1999.  These colonies include Decker, Odanah, Oak River, New Dale, Trileaf, Fairway, Millshof and now Acadia.
Most songs are by the full 150 member choir, but it includes several selections by the men's and ladies' choirs. (Sound Sample)

Price: $10.00


Western Manitoba Hutterian Youth Choir: Communitarians
The 3rd CD produced by the WMHYC.  Interestingly, since the first CD, the choir has had a 80% turnover.  Only about 2 dozen singers from the original western choir members remain!.  Still the size of the choir remains stable, at around 150 members.  These member colonies include Decker, Odanah, Oak River, New Dale, Trileaf, Fairway, Millshof and Acadia. (Sound Sample)

Price: $10.00


Acadia Hutterite Choir: Voices of Victory
This is the first recording put forth by the Acadia Community youth group. (Sound Sample)

Price: $10.00

Stimmt An

Philipp Wiebe Family: Stimmt an
An album that surveys the musical heritage of Philipp Wiebe's descendants. Contains a broad variety of german and english hymns and gospel songs. Artful piano accompaniment compliments some selections. (Sound Sample)

Price: $21.99

Rock of Ages

Millshof Hutterian Youth Choir: Rock of Ages
Contains music performed by the 28 voice youth choir from the Millshof Hutterite Community near Glenboro, Manitoba. (Sound Sample)

Price: $10.00


Alexander Basnar und Freunde: Wenn der Glaube Feuer fängt
Lieder und Texte der Täufer. Eine Herausforderung aus dem 16. Jahrhundert für Christen und Suchende von heute.
Auf dieser Produktion wechseln sich Musik und Dokumentationsspuren ab, um uns einen vergessenen, aber nicht völlig verhallten Aufschrei nach Gerechtigkeit und freiem Glauben zu Gehör zu bringen. Die Musik ist bewusst im Stil der Zeit gehalten, mit einem sachten "Cross-Over" in den Folk; gespielt auf alten Instrumenten wie Viola da Gamba, Krummhörnern, Dulcimer, Blockflöten, Whistles, und zeitgenössischeren wie Violine, Gitarren und Mandoline. Contains two selections from the Hutterite tradition. (Sound Sample)

Price: $12.99


EMU Chamber Singers: Singing at the Fire
Singing at the Fire: Voices of Anabaptist Martyrs combines choral settings of 10 Anabaptist hymns and martyr ballads, original poetry, and three solo organ pieces to evoke the spiritual witness of 16th century Anabaptist martyrs. Inspired by and designed to accompany the Mirror of the Martyrs exhibit, the CD recording features the Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) Chamber Singers directed by Ken Nafziger, organist Shirley Sprunger King, with original works by composer Brent Weaver and poet Sarah Klassen. Included with the CD is a 16-page illustrated booklet with the complete text of the martyr hymns and poems. (Sound Sample)

Price: $17.99


David Bercott: What The Early Christians Believed About War
Jesus taught his followers to love their enemies. Did this mean that they could not go to war against them? How literally did the early Christians take Jesus' teachings?
70 min. audio CD.

Other titles from the Early Christian series are also avaiable: Seperation from the world, Salvation, The Trinity, Communion, Church discipline, Baptism, Life after death, and The Lord's prayer.

Price: $4.00


David Bercott: Will the real heretics please stand up
The Heretics book launched Scroll Publishing Co. in 1989. Since then, it has sold close to 70,000 copies. The book takes the reader on an engrossing and challenging journey back to the days of the early church. Over the years, a number of our readers have requested that we make the book available in audio format so they could listen to it while they drive or carry on various chores. So we have finally done just that.
This is the complete, unabridged work on 1 MP3 CD.

MP3 CD - $7.50
Book - $7.50

Hallowed be Thy Name


Odanah Hutterian Youth Choir: Hallowed be Thy Name
This album produced by the youth choir from Odanah Community near Minnidosa contains a mix of tranditional hymn and praise choruses. Twenty-four selections with three in German. (Sound Sample)

Price: $8.50

Elmer Kehler Singt

Elmer Kehler: Elmer Kehler Singt
Tenor Elmer Kehler accompanied by Esther Wiebe. 28 songs that will be in the soon to be released German Hymnal which has been prepared for and by the Mennonite churches in Paraguay. (Sound Sample)

Price: $20.00