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In August 2006 the Hutterian Brethren Book Centre had its publishing debut with the release of Linda Maendel's Kinderbuch, 'Lindas Glücklicher Tag'.
The mandate of our publishing ventures is to sponsor and facilitate projects that are totally informed and relevant to the Hutterite experience. We seek to provide materials that are useful both to Hutterites and the interested public. We particularly seek to work with authors and artists from within the Hutterite community.

  Lindas Glücklicher Tag (Linda Maendel)
  Johannes Kapeteins Entzückung (Clara Wollmann & Dora Maendel)
  La communauté fraternelle (Andreas Ehrenpreis, traduit par eglisedemaison.com.)
  Hutterischa Bibel Tschichtlen 1 (Linda Maendel & Dick Mueller)
  Marty's Adventure (Elma Maendel)
  Flowing Through the Seasons (Harry Stahl)
  Jewell Adventure (Gilbert Hofer)
  Die olta Martha Basel und ondra Tschichtlen (Dora Maendel)
  Es lauft e Meisl (Karis Hofer)