An Annotated Hutterite Bibliography

An Annotated Hutterite Bibliography


Compiled by Maria H. Krisztinkovich
edited by Peter C. Erb

During more than three decades, Maria Krisztinkovich collected and organized references to Anabaptist-Hutterite materials. Her work as librarian at the University of British Columbia facilitated this task. Eventually her contact with professor Werner Packull led to the conversion of her massive Hutterite bibliography into a computer data base, a task overseen by professor Peter C. Erb of Wilfrid Laurier University. The resulting bibliography is a researcher's goldmine. Included in the more than 3,000 individual entries are many extremely rare items located in eastern European archives. In 1996 prof. Packull took the manuscript with him on his sabbatical leave to Europe. During this time, the eastern European entries were checked and corrected by Rev. Oliver E. Szebeni of Hungary. The usefulness of the bibliography is enhanced by English annotations, so that readers not conversant in eastern European languages can still benefit from all entries.

ISBN: 0-9698762-8-9

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