Anabaptism & Postmodernity

Anabaptism & Postmodernity


Susan & Gerald Biesecker-Mask

In Anabaptists and Postmodernity, the radical Christian witness of sixteenth-century Anabaptists encounters the postmodern consumer culture of twenty-first century North America.
Readers will find themselves in the middle of a vigorous conversation about the renewal in the secular West of Anabaptist-related intellectual and church life. The book offers interdisciplinary proposals for such renewal. First, the cultural and religious context for renewal is established through religious criticism of postmodern theories as well as revisionary analysis of historical and literary narratives. Second, concrete options for church transformation emerge through theological proposals for practical discipleship and ethical challenges to contemporary social habits. Throughout, writers ponder the visible shape of church witness in a dramatically changing world.

ISBN: 0-9665021-2-4

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