Es lauft eh Meisl: Hutterischa Kinder Verslen

Es lauft eh Meisl: Hutterischa Kinder Verslen


Karis Hofer

Es lauft e Meisl is a stunning collection of Hutterite nursery rhymes. “Although they seem mere nonsense rhymes on the surface,” Karis Hofer observes, “I learned that they carry many memories: Michael shaking his head in distaste at the poem Michela, Machela as he remembered being teased with it; Diane Basel remembering the fun they had throwing pebbles into the creek that ran along side Interlake Community shouting, “Ankela, Ankela, strick mer e Blachela.”
I believe that our very own bank of Huttrischa Verselen is an excellent resource with which to begin a child’s love of language. The purpose of this book, therefore, is to acknowledge, preserve and share our treasury of Verselen."

ISBN: 978-0-9809105-2-0
Release date: May 2008

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Karis Hofer was born at Interlake Colony and lived there until the age of 12. In 1983 she moved to Netley Colony where she lives with her parents, one sister and four brothers. She is an early years teacher at Netley School where poetry plays a large role in her teaching of both the English and German languages.