Flowing through the Seasons

Flowing through the Seasons


Harry Stahl
Illustrated by Cynthia Stahl.

After reading Flowing through the Seasons you will not be surprised to learn that Harry Stahl has spent most of his childhood playing on the banks of a river. In fact, Grass River, the Hutterite community where he grew up, was so named for the river that wrapped itself around the Hof. Each incident in Flowing through the Seasons is drawn from his childhood adventures there. He sees the book as a tribute to the river itself, which was so instrumental in shaping and carving out the characters of the children living there. 

ISBN: 978-0-9780112-0-8
Release date: May 2008

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About the Author

Harry and Cynthia live in Odanah Community near Minnedosa with their three children:  Renae, Stefan and Darion. They enjoy working together on various projects for their community and school. They also serve meals together every day in the children’s dining room. Working with children begins and ends each of their days.

About the Illustrator

Cynthia Kleinsasser Stahl found sketching the pictures for this book a rewarding and enjoyable experience. It provided a unique glimpse into her husband’s childhood. She learned, for example, that he once nearly drowned after the ice broke during an early winter hockey game.
“What created a lot of fun,” says Cynthia, “was working right alongside Harry. Because the events in the book are based on his childhood memories, he knew exactly how he wanted each illustration to look. You may notice the makeshift hockey stick, the raft or the “Heisel” that the boys built. Harry drew drafts of these so that the final pictures could be as close as possible to the images sketched in his memory.”