Jewell Adventure

Jewell Adventure


Gilbert Hofer
illustrated by Victor Kleinsasser

Many Hutterite boys dream about riding to the neighbours on forbidden bikes. When Gilbert and his friends finally make the trip, the unexpected happens: The Schuellehrer, German school teacher, discovers them. A hietz? Now what?

ISBN: 978-0-9809105-1-3
Release date: May 2008

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About the Author

Gilbert Hofer was born at Rock Lake Hutterite Community, one mile west of Grosse Isle, Manitoba. In 1993 his family was among those who moved to the newly established Keystone Community located a mile south of Warren, Manitoba. When Gilbert was chosen by his community to enter BUHEP (Brandon University Hutterite Education Program) he accepted the responsibility with enthusiasm. He graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree in 2008. Gilbert enjoys the outdoors, including all kinds of sports, horseback riding and fishing. He likes amateur music and can play the guitar. Gilbert lives at Keystone Colony, with his wife Katherine and his sons, Corey and Tyler.

About the Illustrator

Victor Kleinsasser is a middle-years teacher and graduate from the Brandon University Hutterite Education Program.  He enjoys painting and pottery.  For this book he used permanent markers, acrylics, and watercolours.  He lives at the Crystal Spring Hutterite Community near Ste. Agathe, Manitoba with his wife, four daughters and two sons.