The Reformders and their Stepchildren

The Reformders and their Stepchildren


Leonard Verduin

Some books will not go away. They may not be bestsellers, but once a print run is exhausted, the book is soon being requested. They have a lasting appeal, they say something no one else is saying, or they say what everyone else is saying, only better.
Leonard Verduin's 1964 book, The Reformers and their Stepchildren, is like that. Verduin wrote his book to trace the conflict between the church-state alliance and those who believe that a personal, voluntary commitment to Christ is the door to membership into Christ's body. By the time the book was ready for publication in 1964, Verduin had uncovered a startling episode in history, and given clear insights into the church's true mission.

ISBN: 978-0-8010-9284-8

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