Marty's Adventure: a Hutterite shape book

Marty's Adventure: a Hutterite shape book


written by Elma Maendel
illustrated by Cynthia Stahl

Clever Marty Mouse takes children on a well-shaped midnight adventure. Reinforce the concept of shapes with this delightful illustrated rhyme.

Release Date: May 1, 2008

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About the Author

Elma Maendel teaches primary grades at Brennan School on the Elm River Hutterite Community, where she has lived all her life. Elma has been teacher and principal at the school for eight years. This is her first children’s book. As a teen she had several stories and poems published in the Western Producer.

About the Illustrator

Cynthia Kleinsasser Stahl has lived at Odanah Hutterite Community since she married Harry Stahl in 2001. She is mother to three children. She has worked with children both as a German teacher and more currently, as an Essnschuel Ankela, children’s dining room supervisor. Cynthia has been drawing all her life and particularly enjoys drawing children and animals. She uses coloured pencil as her main medium.